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A trip to Arizona; some landscapes and a quick portrait of my dad

I worked with the Hammond family this weekend to make some photos of Ting’s family while they were in Reno visiting. They are a lovely bunch of people and fun to be around, but more about that on Thursday.

Today I have some photos from my personal photography work.  In early December I flew to Phoenix, AZ to visit my dad at his winter home outside the big city. After nearly thirty years of working in Prudhoe Bay Alaska he has finally retired and now spends some of the winter in warmer weather.

Prudhoe Bay is miserably cold in the winter. I just checked and it’s currently -49 F there, without windchill. This has been one of the coldest winters on record in Alaska with temperatures in the interior hovering around -50 F.  Even the Southcentral region of the state which typically has “mild” weather has consistently been below zero. I’m so glad I live in Reno, we don’t have much snow this year but we do have 300 days of sunshine!

So, I went to visit my dad and of course took a camera, I managed to catch a couple of sunsets and have my dad stand still for a few shots of him in the fading sunlight. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Arizona and my family life, I’ll post some photos from the Hammond family portraits on Thursday. Thanks,

– Josh

arizona landscape photography portrait of my dad at sunset portrait of my dad at sunset portrait of dad at sunset

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