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Action Photography with Jeremy McGhee at the June Lake Triathlon

To start this one, for those that don’t know Jeremy McGhee’s story, click here to read his bio or just watch the trailer for a film being made about Jeremy doing a radical backcountry ski descent near Mammoth. It’s become super cliche to say it, but Jeremy’s story is inspiring.

I first photographed Jeremy last winter at an event for the Young Presidents’ Organization where Jeremy was asked to tell his story to a select group of young business leaders from Santa Barbara.

I didn’t know much about his background then–most of what I knew was about his skiing exploits–but I was blown away by his story. Everybody there was. Jeremy’s been though a lot and mobility is unquestionably more difficult for him than almost anybody. Despite the diversity, Jeremy does more rad stuff than almost anyone I know.

He’s a ripping surfer, skier, mountain biker and road biker, plus he takes on challenges like the June Lake Triathlon where he swam and rode and had a friend fill in for the run. He was faster than most of the able-bodied people out there and, despite some difficulties that ended the race a bit prematurely for him (documented here on Jeremy’s blog), he generally kicked ass. It was awesome to shoot this with him–I had no idea how the transitions were going to go down, but it was a fun and educational day for me.

I also got to shoot some surfing with Jeremy in Encinitas last week. The surf wasn’t big but Jeremy found some waves and we made some cool images. I’ll post those here soon.

That’s all for today. We’ve got lots of weddings and portraits on the way as well as Britney and Jon’s Convict Lake on Saturday which Josh will be joining me for. Check out Facebook this weekend for updates.


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