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Mega winter in Mammoth has been accompanied but a ton of snowy engagement sessions. We love shooting these adventures in the snow, and we’ve had a lot of that to work with this winter.

These guys took me on snowmobiles up to Minaret Vista, west of Mammoth Mountain and Main Lodge, and we caught one of the most beautiful displays of clouds I’ve ever seen up there. A system of low-hanging clouds hovered above Reds Meadow and lingered just long enough for us to capture an incredible set of images with this ridiculous background. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen up there. Plus it was one of the few days the sun came out for one of these shoots in January and February.

Engagement season is going strong right until we hit the wedding craziness of spring and summer, thanks for joining us for the ride!

It all started with my good friends Christina and Bryan three years ago and their Rancho Santana destination wedding, and I knew it was a spot I had to get back to for another.

The universe did its part, and last week I was back in one of the coolest places on earth for another epic wedding–this time with New York surfer / traveler couple Charlotte and Derek.

We made the event into a three-part soiree, with a Thursday beach/sunset/bikini & boardshort engagement session at Playa Escondida, a rehearsal dinner at Casa Rosada Friday, and then the main event Saturday.

The dudes got ready in a magnificent house overlooking Playa Rosada, drinking Toñas in the pool until jamming over to Casa Los Perros just in time for the ceremony.

The ladies prepared themselves in the grand, old-style European villa at Casa los Perros, the stunning ceremony site.

With about 80 friends and family in attendance, they had a concise ceremony led by my roomate for the week, the inspirational Father Sacha, before we headed up a pretty gnarly dirt road to a point overlooking Playa Duna and much of the Rancho Santana coastline. From these spot, you can see south down to Parque Nacional Santa Rosa in northern Costa Rica, and north along the insane Nicaraguan coastline.

We crushed sunset up on that point (Thanks to Erik at Rancho Santana for the intel), before jumping back in the intrepid Suzuki Gran Vitara and heading back to the reception at the Inn at Rancho Santana.

After an incredible dinner, Miami-based DJ Zog kept the party sweaty until only the most hydrated of the group were left standing–scroll down and you’ll get it.

It was an unbelievable week down there in a place I’d love to spend more time. There aren’t many better and quicker spots to escape California mountain winters than Central America and this spot, three-ish hours south of Managua, is super easy to get to.

Thanks to C&D and the whole crew down there for a magical time, let’s do it again soon!

If you don’t know Rancho Santana, click here–their website kicks ass.



Rancho-Santana-Nicaragua-Wedding-PhotographyWe’re just back from our second wedding at the amazing Rancho Santana resort in Nicaragua and, once again, it was an event that we’ll never forget.

We worked it out to be three days of shooting around the event. Charlotte and Derek live in New York City, which wasn’t real conducive to doing engagement photos over the last year, so we were able to shoot this one on Thursday before the wedding.

They spend a lot of time surfing down there and had this beach, Playa Escondida, scoped out beforehand and for good reason. It’s about a 3/4 mile stretch of some of the most beautiful white sand on Earth. We were the only ones out there for the last two hours of the day, right through sunset. Nicaragua is awesome like that–especially Rancho Santana.

We shot the rehearsal dinner the next night, and sent it off with the wedding on Saturday and it was an epic event. We’ll have some from that coming up next.


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