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Engagement Photography Session in the Mammoth Lakes Basin with Sam and Ann

I debated finding somewhere other than the Lakes Basin to do last week’s engagement session with Sam and Ann after shooting Jesus and Jillian at Lake Mary the weekend prior, but it’s too good a time of year there to pass up.

There’s still a fair amount of snow in the high country but the weather is fantastic and the crowds are non-existent. If we shot this session later in the spring or into the summer, there would be straggling fisherman in the backgrounds of each location. Back to the the Lakes it was, and I’m stoked on the result.

We met up at Pokonobe Marina at Lake Mary, and then went up to Lake Mamie. I scoped out some cool spots up there earlier in the day, and we ended up coming across a few more on our leisurely stroll around the north end of the lake. The old fishing cabins and docks there are vacant for a few more weeks so we acted like we owned the place. Like all engagement sessions we do, it was a great opportunity to meet Sam and Ann and gauge how best to photograph them before their Mammoth Mountain wedding this summer.

That’s all for this week. In case you missed it, Josh posted some great shots from a children’s birthday party in Reno on Wednesday. Check back next week for more.


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