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Engagement Photography with Jeremy and Lizzie in Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno; Act 2

On a typically lovely and warm summer evening in Reno, Lizzie, Jeremy and I met at my house near Rancho San Rafael in Reno.  After a quick stop for beer we headed to the forested-Northern zone of Rancho to utilize the light, and the diffusing and cooling shade.  After a quick walk we arrived at an oasis of trees and tall grass creating an amazing setting to produce great outdoor engagement photos.

Jeremy and Lizzie laughed a ton and were a blast to spend the evening with.  It’s always great to see a couple having so much fun together.  Their dog Rolly joined us for the outdoor adventure, making sure to investigate everything.

As the sun dipped below the mountain we positioned ourselves atop some hills overlooking east Reno and made some sunset mountain photos using the colorful Nevada sky as our backdrop.

I had a great time working with you guys and I’m excited to continue the amazing photos and good company at your wedding.

– Josh


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