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Family and Maternity Photography at Convict Lake with Mark and Laurie

Mark and Laurie are about to have their first child and wanted to make some portraits before the baby comes.

We shot these during the 4th of July weekend, but we were able to find a spot without many people wandering around in the background. We went into the hills on the road to Convict Lake.

It was an awesome spot and had great views of Mt. Morrison and the dramatic peaks around Convict Canyon. The views were good enough to overcome the battle wounds each picked up at Convict that day, even for Laurie who took one of my light stands to her forehead on a scramble up some scree on the side of the road. Mark crashed earlier that day on a hike around Convict Lake, and had a nice raspberry on his face to show for it.

While we might have started out slow, we ended up having a great time and we found some cool sunset light. Their dogs accompanied us for the adventure and did a great job of both posing when needed and staying out of the way when the time came.

That’s it for this week. Josh and I have both been shooting portraits nonstop for the last few weeks so lots more is on the way. We also have weddings in both Mammoth and Reno this weekend so keep an eye out for those.


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