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Forest Chapel, Mammoth Lakes Bluffs and Parallax Wedding Photography with Will and Kathy

Happy August.

We shot Will and Kathy’s wedding on Friday at the Forest Chapel in Mammoth and the day couldn’t have been better.

Will and Kathy came in from the Bay Area and several members of the wedding contingency were unfamiliar with the area. All of were blown away by the stunning backdrop of Mammoth Mountain and Twin Lakes.

We met early in the afternoon to shoot some family portraits on the bridge between the lakes, then retreated to Tamarack to freshen up a bit. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and then we stopped at the Mammoth Bluffs to shoot some formal photos of the wedding party on the way to Parallax, on Mammoth Mountain.

The Mammoth Rock and Sherwins backdrop never fails, and we found some great shots on the ridge above Snowcreek Golf Course.

From there, we headed to the gondola on Mammoth and ascended to Parallax in McCoy Station for the evening’s festivities. As usual, Emmie and the Mammoth Weddings crew had thing completely dialed in and running like a clock.

Kathy and Will performed a fantastic waltz for the crowd, cruised outside with us for some sunset portraits with the San Joaquin Ridge as the backdrop, and ended the night as happy as they’ve ever been.

Throughout this wedding process I feel like I’ve gotten to know Kathy and Will pretty well and I’m stoked to be able to call her a friend. Beyond that, I’m thrilled to have spent their wedding day with them.

Local photographer Rebecca Garrett shot with me Friday and did a fantastic job. A bunch of these shots are hers and we hope to work with her a lot more this year.

Also, it’s about time I gave a shout out to my neighbor Rachael who made the cake for this wedding, as well as several others we’ve shot this year. She does an awesome job with the cakes, etc…

That’s all today, Josh is back on Friday with more from some recent weddings including a sweet wedding he shot in Tahoe on Friday, and another we shot near Quincy on Saturday. The Quincy wedding, at the Twenty Mile House, took place in one of the m0st incredible venues I’ve seen.

Thanks again.


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