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Forest Chapel Wedding Photography in Mammoth Lakes with Jesus and Jillian

Jesus and Jillian’s wedding at Forest Chapel last weekend was a blast.
They scheduled a lot of time into the day for photos, which is exactly how we like it. We had a few hours both before and after the ceremony to shoot formals with the family, bridal party, and several other groups of attendees.
We started with the traditional shot on the bridge between Twin Lakes. It’s a classic Mammoth wedding shot that is essential to every ceremony at Forest Chapel.
We shoot it a bit differently each time. A few weeks ago, for Will and Kathy’s wedding, we shot it from across the lake with a massive 500mm Canon lens that looks like a cannon. The perspective was cool, it compressed the images so it looked like the waterfall connecting Lake Mary to Twin Lakes was just beyond the bridge.
For this wedding, I wore board shorts and waded into the middle of the lake to get a nice clean shot on the bridge. Josh lit the scene from the side and it all came together really well.
After the ceremony, which the ladies from Mammoth Weddings choreographed to perfection, we took the bridal party up to Minaret Summit to get some shots of the vista that gives our business its name. It was a bit of a trek up there from Forest Chapel, but they were down for it and we had time so we made the most of the opportunity.
After we shot up there for about an hour, we headed back down to the reception at Viewpoint Condos on the corner of Minaret and Main Street in Mammoth.
It was the first time we’ve shot a wedding there–in fact I think it was the first time they’ve held a wedding there–and the venue was a real revelation. Jillian and the gang turned the condo’s tennis court in the back into a fantastic and intimate spot for the post-wedding party. It sits in a small cradle at the base of the condos and was completely surrounded in trees. They took the nets out, strung lights from the middle of the court to the surrounding fences, and transformed it into a magical spot to party the night away with their friends and family. CJ’s Grill catered the event and did a fantastic job. We’ve done a few weddings with them and their fettuccine chicken pasta is awesome.
Chris, the property manager, said they’ve been talking about turning the area into a dedicated wedding-event venue and I think it’s a fantastic idea. With some work, Viewpoint could have one of the coolest locations in town for wedding receptions. The bonus is that almost everybody there was staying in the condos so there was no need to drive after the ceremony.
Miguel Flores, who has helped out with a few weddings this summer, shot the photo booth at a sweet spot in the trees above the court. Those shots came out great and we’ll post some up on Facebook soon.
That’s all for today. Josh is shooting a wedding in Tahoe on Saturday. We’ll have some from that on the way, as well as more families and weddings. Thanks!


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