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Ian and Misa’s Engagement Session in Stockton, California

What a way to begin the wedding season…

Our first wedding of the year was on Sunday in Yosemite. Logistically speaking, a Yosemite wedding is a simple proposition most of the year. Mammoth Lakes is only 40 to 50 miles from the Valley, as the crow flies.  Usually between November and May, you can leave Mammoth and be climbing Half Dome in about two-and-a-half hours. But winter, specifically this winter, is a different story. Now, the quickest route across the Sierra Nevada range is more than 100 miles north of here, on Highway 88.

It’s a beautiful route–it winds through Kirkwood and several backwoods alpine mining towns on the west side of the mountains. But it turns a morning jaunt into a three-quarter’s-day drive.

The weekend trip worked out like a charm though.

Ian and Misa, whose wedding we are shooting in Santa Barbara in August, live in Stockton. Stockton is as good a rendezvous point for trips into Yosemite from the west side as any, so we arranged to stay a night there and shoot their engagement photos the night before the wedding.

Ian is in pharmacy school at Stockton’s Ivy-esque University of Pacific, so we met up there to get some shots on the school’s sprawling quads and brick-lined buildings. I had heard a lot about the campus and it’s aesthetic (check out the movie Dead Man on Campus), and it lived up to the hype.

After a few hours cruising around UOP we headed out to the delta, which is where Ian and Misa were engaged. The sun was setting and the light was fantastic and it was a great end to a long day.

We’ll have more from this session, as well as several from Alex and Abbey’s big, awesome Greek-Aussie wedding in Yosemite soon.








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