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Inspiration and The Desire to Create Great Wedding Images and Portraits


A topic often discussed among photographers, artists, or anyone desiring to take their chosen game to the next level is inspiration, not simply to be inspired but eventually to be the person inspiring others. My friends and I have a saying, “inspiration is free, to inspire is costly.”

In Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography, He ascertains, “Despite postmodern stagnation in the art world, civilization reached its present level through the efforts of men and women who searched out order from chaos to unfold hidden beauty in both the arts and the sciences. The pursuit of beauty is just as present in the elegance of Einstein’s theory as in the “terrible lucidity” that came to Van Gogh as he painted. The nature photographer’s task is to record the same sort of inner vision that empowered Van Gogh – as an image of light and form on film that succeeds in communicating such a vision to others.  At its best, nature photography transcends mere visual information in the same way that poetry transcends the meaning of words to communicate not just what’s out there, but how it feels spiritually and emotionally.”

As wedding photographers we are given access to an amazing landscape of human emotion in which we inject our own experience, expectation, and emotion. We make exposure calculations, press a button and capture an image. It’s a beautiful thing to share such intimate moments with people who previously were strangers, immediately you become friends and a bond is formed.

So today I want to say thank you, to you. As I write this it seems cliche´but it’s true, I gain inspiration from all of you who have allowed me to share special moments with you. I am constantly inspired to show “spirituality and emotion” because you exude it. I can’t help but be inspired when I see the love you have for each other and your joy.

I’m looking forward to another amazing wedding season traveling the west coast working to transcend mere visual information and communicate how it feels to be you.

Thanks and have a great day,

– Josh

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