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Jeff and Lindy’s Mammoth Lakes Wedding Photography, Part 2

The Forest Chapel at Mammoth Lakes is a place I’ve wanted to shoot a wedding at since we began doing this. It’s an awesome spot that I’ve been spending summers hiking around and winters skiing by for my entire life. So when Jeff and Lindy asked us to shoot their July wedding there, I couldn’t have been happier.

My parents were married there in the 1970s, and I think it’s one of the most classically “Mammoth” venues you can find. There’s a huge glacial crag overlooking the scene, a ripping waterfall, and volcanic debris spilling down amidst the high alpine forest.

It definitely met my expectations, and I think everybody involved with the wedding was more than satisfied.

I began the day with the dudes at a condo near the Snowcreek Golf Course at the base of the Sherwins. The house was incredible. The pool table was the focal point of the expansive living room, with a window looking out to Rock Chute and the area around Hidden Lake. It was the perfect spot for the guys to get on the gear, drink some Jack Daniels, and catch up.

From the Snowcreek condo, we headed up to Twin Lakes for the ceremony. Josh and I set up a remote camera above the pedestal, and rented a sweet little boat to use for some of the post-ceremony portraits. The ceremony was incredible and a cool cloud cover kept the light well balanced, which is always a struggle for mid-afternoon ceremonies.

As soon as it ended, we grabbed the boat, and Josh chivalrously rowed me around and set up the light as I posed the entire party for a shot on the bridge. It worked out as well as we could have hoped (nobody fell in and no equipment was donated to the lake), so we asked Jeff and Lindy to jump in and tour around a bit. Josh and I tag teamed this one, with Josh shooting tight from the shore, and I shot wide from the bridge. The view from my angle, with the waterfall coming out of Lake Mary and Crystal Crag protruding under the Mammoth Crest, is just incredible.

Jeff rowed Lindy back to safety and we headed to Mammoth Mountain for the party. We took the back road through Old Mammoth and stopped on the Bluffs to get a few shots of the bride, groom, maid of honor and best man overlooking the Sherwins. Clouds were rolling in quick and lightning threatened the session, but the light and backdrop were just amazing. Click here to see Josh’s photos of that, as well as much more of his perspective of the day.

We took gondolas to McCoy Station and Parallax for the evening encore and as usual, the party was kicking. We set up the photo booth next to the bar with a couch and a nice wood backdrop, and it got rowdy. From there, the usual debauchery ensued until Josh and I rode the gondola down into the blackness, tired yet satisfied. I think Jeff and Lindy, who are sitting on a beach in Hawaii right now, had the wedding they dreamed they would. It couldn’t have gone better.

Josh will be back on the blog this weekend for some shots from the photo booth. Now, we start the second-half of our summer wedding tour. We’ll be treading a lot of new ground in the next two months, with weddings in Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks and Las Vegas, as well as a few more in Mammoth and Reno. We’re having a blast though, and Josh and I both agreed at the end of Jeff and Lindy’s night that we wish the summer wedding season would never end. But there’s a lot more to come so keep checking in.


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