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Josh is back to posting, an update and a product plug.

Brandon took over posting for a while as I vacationed and did some personal work.  I’ll be back posting for the next couple of weeks as Brandon takes a break and a trip to South America. Lately my photography work has been personal and commercial work, so I’ll be filling in with some stuff that’s a bit different than our normal portraiture.  We’ve also been busy booking weddings  for next summer, the weekends are filling up.  Thanks to those of you who have graciously recommended us and promoted our work!

It has finally began to snow here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as I sit here typing the mountains are filling up and us snow lovers are getting excited to start the long-delayed season. Whenever I go out back-country skiing I take a camera, so be sure to check our facebook page and Josh Hejl photography for some sweet powder shots. Let me know if you would like to see that kind of thing on the blog and I’ll make sure to keep ’em coming. In the meantime check out a couple of my photos, as well as the scoop on the ski weather at Powdiction.

I recently ordered our first acrylic print from Millers lab.  I had a feeling it was going to be awesome but the clarity and vibrancy of the print really surprised me. The acrylics also come ready to hang with stand-off mounting brackets which help with the translucent effect. The print was from this family session I did with the Hammond Family up on Peavine Mountain just to the north of Reno.  Just a few photos today of the acrylic print, I’ll have another post up on Thursday.  I’m shooting some family photos of the Hammond’s again this weekend, so we’ll get to see their smiling faces up on the blog again soon.

Have a great day,


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