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Las Vegas and Red Rock Wedding Photography with John and Allie, Part 2

Here is the second set from John and Allie’s Las Vegas wedding on Saturday.

As Josh said in his post, they rented an incredible house in west Las Vegas, between the Strip and Red Rock Canyon.

We did the group portraits with the family and wedding party at Red Rock, about 25 minutes from the wedding site. Red Rock is a Vegas anomaly–a natural, geologic wonder with views of the Stratosphere and much of Strip. Climbers, bikers and hikers from all over the world go there to add variety into their Vegas benders. The idea that you can experience that type of outdoor adventure in the world’s party Mecca is incredible.

The decision to do formal portraits there was a great one and the trip out was worth it, at least from a photography perspective. The dichotomy created by the wedding party’s formal wardrobe and the vibrant red boulders was incredible. It was pretty hot, but we were able to wrap it up quickly and get back to the ceremony.

The rest of the night was perfect. September evenings in Vegas are perfect and the Brits and Yanks mixed it up like few other parties can do. We will neither confirm nor deny the allegation that the neighbors called the cops out to quiet the rowdys, but let’s just say they did a Sin City wedding like it was supposed to be done.

Thanks so much for having us along. Your hospitality was first rate. Lets meet up in Vegas soon for a portrait session on the city.


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