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Mammoth Brewing Company Engagement Photos with Britney and Jon

Britney and Jon love beer (and the brewing process) so they suggested we shoot some of their engagement photos last week at the Mammoth Brewing Company.

I too love beer and I thought it was a fantastic idea, so brews and engagement photos it was.

We met up at the MBC tasting room to start with some flights and ease into things. For the uninitiated, the tasting room is absolutely worth a visit. For about $4, you can try eight of the standard brews or the seasonal selections. They are all tasty and it’s a good way to get the evening started inexpensively and away from the craziness of The Village.

It worked out great and although they were visiting Mammoth from the brew Mecca of Denver, they loved the beers.

Jon is a home brewer and knows a lot about the creation process. In fact he’s brewing a pony keg of his own beer for their August wedding at Convict Lake.

It turns out that my neighbor Karl works at the brewery and when I told him that we wanted to shoot at the tasting room he invited us down to the brewery (In the Whiskey Creek building) for a look around. Britney was stoked, Jon was enthralled, and I sat back and captured the whole experience. It was awesome.

When we were done with that portion of the afternoon, we went out onto the 17th fairway of Sierra Star Golf Course for some sunset shots. It was a great way to freeze our asses off before we finished. Luckily Britney’s family was in a condo nearby with another round of beers to help us thaw out.

It was a memorable session with these two, and clearly their wedding this summer is going to be one of the best ever.

That’s all for today. We’ve got a lot on the way, including Karen and Johnny’s wedding this weekend on Mammoth Mountain. It’s been sunny and clear for a few weeks now, but a wedding should be the ticket for a change in the weather–it usually is. Check Minaret Photography on Facebook next week for some shots of that.



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