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Mammoth Lakes Engagement Photography Session with Jesus and Jillian at Lake Mary

Here are some shots from Saturday night’s engagement session with Jesus and Jillian at Lake Mary in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

The road to the lakes just opened for the summer so I figured it would be a cool place to shoot this awesome couple. A few weeks ago, you could only ski, snowshoe or hike up that far. Now, it’s been warm for a few weeks and most of the snow if gone. A few places, such as most north-facing slopes and the lakes, still have a bit of snow and ice left over.

The remaining ice on Lake Mary made for a unique portrait opportunity. There is only a short time of year while the road is open and the lake is still frozen over. The dock at the Lake Mary Marina on the west side of the lake was clear and accessible, but surrounded in ice. It was definitely sketchy getting out there, but the owner of the marina said it was good to go so we went for it and it was worth the risk. Jillian, in heels and a dress, hopped right out there and posed like a champ as I ran back around to the other side of the lake for some long-distance shots. The reflections from the crimson southwest side of the Sherwins were amazing and we came up with cool images there.

From there we wandered over to the north end of the lake and watched some fisherman yank trout out of the outlet. The fish all gather at that part of the lake so fishing didn’t appear to be too challenging, but it was entertaining to watch. We walked out to the point on that end of the lake and got a few more wide angle shots with the Crest and Duck Pass in the background, the trudged out in the snow to Lake Mamie to finish up. It was an incredible night with great light and mild temps.

We’re stoked to be shooting their wedding at Forest Chapel this August. Our friends at CJ’s Grill are going to be cooking that night so we know the food will be top-notch as well.

That’s all for today, Josh will have another family portrait session coming up Thursday, and I’ll be back next week with another engagement session I’ll be shooting on Saturday night. Thanks for reading and happy Ocho de Mayo.


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