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Mammoth Lakes Family Portrait Photography with the Godoy Family at Snowcreek and the Mammoth Meadow


I shot this session with the Godoy family in the Mammoth Meadow at Snowcreek at the peak of the fall colors.

We hit the autumn leaves just about perfectly, and for the second time. Here’s our first family photo session just south of Mammoth in November, 2011. 

On this beautiful November day, we strolled around through the Snowcreek condos before heading out into the meadow as the sun set on Mammoth Mountain. It was a bit chilly, but we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

There was an exciting feel of impending winter that day, which is crazy in retrospect. I shot another family there just before New Years and there’s just a few inches of snow in the same spots, and south-facing aspects of the mountain look just about the same as they did that afternoon.

Hopefully winter is still coming, but we’ll enjoy the never-ending autumn until it snows.

That’s all for the week, Josh is back soon with more awesome portrait photography from Reno and Lake Tahoe.



Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0003 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0004 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0005 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0006 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0007 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0008 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0010 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0011 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0012 Mammoth-Lakes-Family-Photography-Fall-Colors-Snowcreek-Meadow-2013_0013

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