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Mammoth Lakes Portrait Photography with Christie O. of Mountainside Bride

Mammoth Lakes is a small town with a lot of creative minds.

It’s also a resort community and an incredibly popular spot for destination, mountain weddings.

While there are some super-talented wedding vendors in the area, the truth is that there has been a lack of progressive, wedding-based businesses in the Eastern Sierra. This is especially true when compared to similar communities around Tahoe, Napa and Southern California’s periphery. Mammoth is smaller and more remote, but with the amount of artists, creatives and genuinely cool people here, we should keeping pace with the national wedding zeitgeist.

Christie O, the creator of the modern mountain-bridal blog Mountainside Bride, is working on changing that.

Her blog is one of the country’s great resources for couples looking to do a mountain wedding well–no matter what approach you want to take.

Looking for the classic outdoor alpine-hippy wedding where nobody has ever been married before? Dig through her archives, she’s got something for you.

Do you have the Catholic church reserved for the second Saturday in July, and a bus scheduled to shuttle you (and your 8-foot long princess train) to the swankiest restaurant in town? She’s probably got a link to photos and commentary from somebody who has done that wedding right.

The best part about it is that she calls Mammoth home. Not only is this her base, but she too recognizes the dearth of wedding creativity in town and is working on changing that. Since her return to Mammoth (she grew up in the East, moved to Mammoth, went to North Carolina for school and then recently relocated back to Mammoth), she has worked to network local vendors, taught classes on web design for wedding professionals, and her blog has inspired a general sense in the community that the local industry is on its way to modern nuptial enlightenment.

Her blog isn’t 100-percent Mammoth based. But Christie, who spends most of her non-blogging time skiing and mountain biking with her husband, embodies a lot of what makes the Eastern Sierra a sweet place to live and work.

Enough background, now for the photos.

Over the summer, we talked about making some portraits that represent her lifestyle and her passion for mountain wedding culture. We decided to head out towards Mammoth Creek and create some shots showing off the local mountains as well as some DIY wedding projects that she created. She settled on wine bottle labels with the Hindsight logo, cupcakes (she loves to cook), and bunting (pennant flag decorations) she made for her own wedding.

Carrie, of Mammoth’s Hair by Carrie, took care of her hair and makeup, and even helped out with lighting and transportation for the photo shoot.

It was a fantastic September afternoon in an unbeatable location. I had a blast shooting Christie and absorbing several of her wedding insights. I’m not sure she agrees with me on the cliched and ephemeral phenomenon of vintage wedding photography, but her knowledge of the latest trends and understanding of effective social networking has not gone unnoticed by Minaret Photography.

Josh will be back next week with more, and I’ve been shooting tons of seniors and families between here and Bishop so check back in next week.


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