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Mammoth Lakes Trash the Dress Photography with Cara and Brett


Cara and Brett had a winter wedding in Southern California last year and the chilly weather wasn’t ideal to create a lot of the portraits they envisioned for their big day.

They decided to come to Mammoth in August and get some redemption photos. If you’re going to go after redemption, you may as well do it right so she decided to do some Trash the Dress photos submerged in some of the lakes around Mammoth.

The original plan was to go out on a late afternoon, but we ended up with the season’s biggest rain storm and had to hold off until the next morning. The weather ended up being perfect and, with the help of local photographer Rebecca Garrett, we were able to make some awesome light. The four of us spent the majority of the morning waist-deep in Lake Mary and Lake Mamie. I took the pictures, Rebecca ran the lighting, and Cara and Brett posed up a storm in the water. It was great working with a couple that had already gone through the engagement photo-wedding photo process before because they were comfortable and knew what to do to look great without much direction.

The water was pretty cold, but the air was warm enough to keep us partially in the water for the better part of an hour. Either way, those guys were troopers and I think it really paid off.

We love shooting Trash the Dress sessions and the Mammoth Lakes Basin is unquestionably a fantastic spot to do it. Thanks, Cara and Brett, for the opportunity to shoot these and thanks to Rebecca for shlepping the lights around in the water.

That’s all for the week. We’ve got more engagement sessions, family portraits and weddings on the way. Check back here soon. For more up-to-date photos, check out Minaret Photography on Facebook.




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