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Mammoth Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding Wedding Photography with Brian and Jennifer

The weather was just about right for Saturday’s Mammoth Mountain wedding with Brian and Jennifer.

As photographers, we’d prefer a cloudy day with snowfall over a cloudless, bluebird day nine times out of ten. The caveat being the wind. With wind, all bets are off.

But for this skiing and snowboarding wedding at McCoy Station, the snow fell straight down and the sun occasionally popped out so we had the best of both worlds.

This schedule was one of the more entertaining for us. We shot the ceremony at McCoy Station’s Glass Room in the morning and did many of the family portraits right outside, facing Chair 3.

We had most of the day after the ceremony to shoot action shots of the bride and groom and the wedding party around the mountain on their skis and boards. Chair 12 and the lower half of the mountain were great, but our trip into the malaise at the top turned out to be our undoing. It was full-on whiteout conditions up there. You couldn’t see the tips of your skis, much less a bride and grooms shredding down 25 feet above. It was a great morning and both Brian and Jen were super good on the hill, but it became about survival more than art so we headed home to prepare for the evening’s reception at Parallax.

We grabbed some photos of Jennifer’s prep and makeup, done by the talented Missy Lowe, then headed up the gondola to Parallax for the second half of the wedding. It was, as we expected, a fantastic party at the recently renovated Parallax, which is Mammoth Mountain’s high-end, super plush restaurant and their most popular wedding reception venue.

Brian and Jennifer were one of the coolest, most relaxed couples we’ve worked with. Josh and I both mentioned that, but it was verified by several other wedding professionals throughout the day. We’ve never had a tough couple, but these guys made the day easy on us.

That’s it for this post. Josh will be back with more on Thursday. We’re also the photographers for Jane and John’s Mammoth wedding today, so look for some from that in the following week. Thanks.


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