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Mammoth Mountain Snowboarding Engagement and Wedding Photography with Brian and Roanne

Brian and Roanne (AKA Broanne) were looking for a few different looks for their Mammoth engagement pictures, so we decided to do two sessions: One in the fall and one in the winter. Coincidentally, the weather and snow accumulation were just about the same each time. In fact, it was raining and hailing the day we did their first session at Devil’s Postpile and Rainbow Falls.

Nonetheless, they were hoping for a winter wonderland session which we appear to have been about a week to early for. Hopefully we’ll find time to do that later in the year, but for now we’ll settle with some sweet snowboarding action.

We started at the top gondola station, on a monument created for three ski patrollers (Charles Walter Rosenthal, James Juarez and John Scott McAndrews) who were killed in an accident on Mammoth in April of 2006.

Local artist Larry Walker created the monument and it’s an incredible and timeless tribute placed in an awe-inspiring location.

From the monument, which sits above Mammoth’s Climax, we headed down Cornice Bowl for some action shots with the Minarets to the west. The snow is about 97.5-percent man-made up there, but was still pretty good. I grabbed some shots of them shredding down, and then we decided to get out of the wind for a Bloody Mary break at Tusks Bar.

At this point the wind picked up and Chairs 1 and 3 were shut down, forcing us to stick to the lower mountain. We made the best of it on Chairs 2 and 6, and had a great day. They even got to meet Woolly.

That’s it for this week. Thanks a lot, Brian and Roanne, for a fantastic weekend and for the Tupperware gift. It’s much appreciated. We’ll get that Sierra Star-snow shot you’re after next month, because it appears winter has made it to Mammoth.


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