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Mammoth Mountain Snowboarding Engagement Photography with Dan and Candice

Dan and Candice met me Sunday morning at Chair 2 on Mammoth Mountain for their snowboarding engagement session.

We’ll be shooting their wedding at Convict Lake this summer, so this was a great chance to work with them a little bit and to get a feel for how we work together.

The three of us had a great time and we covered a lot of ground. It was a beautiful day and, as you’ll see below, the crowds were sparse.

We headed straight over the Chair 25, on the south side of the mountain, for a shot I’d been scheming up for a while. I went up near the top of Chair 15 and shot them on Chair 25 with a 400mm lens. The Sherwins and Duck Pass are in the background and the long lens makes it look like they are just in front of that awesome stretch of backcountry, even though it’s probably 20 miles beyond the resort.

The snow was good so we decided to cross over to the opposite side of the mountain for some shots on Chair 12. Chair 12 is old school and I love it. It’s a slow, bouncy double chair that’s a throwback to the days before high-speed detachable chairlifts and foot rests. There’s also sweet views of the Minarets at the top which we took advantage of.

That’s it for this week. Dan and Candice are going to meet me in late-March for another session near Bishop and the Owens Gorge. They have some sort of agreement that he shaves at that point and we want to get some shots of him as he’ll look at the wedding. That’s a bit disappointing because I planned on claiming I was shooting Zach Galifianakis ‘ wedding this summer, and Dan was down to work with me on it but I guess we’ll have to pass.



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