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Mendocino County Wedding Photography with Frost and Shannon, Pt.2

Here is the second set from Frost and Shannon’s wedding in Potter Valley, Mendocino County, last Saturday.

Josh’s set, posted last week, are here.

He spent the morning with Frost and the guys. I was with Shannon and her bridesmaids. We made some awesome portraits on an old Chevy fire truck, and then took it down to the ceremony at the family’s barn, renovated for the wedding.

Frost’s family has been living on this land for 150 years (exactly!). Several of his contemporaries were married somewhere on the same property, which sits amidst rolling vineyards. The wine from the vineyard, Yokayo, has been in production there through five generations of Frost’s family.

The effort put into the details of this wedding was astounding. There was far too much though to go into detail about here, but Shannon put in a lot of time to creating the perfect aesthetic around her wedding and it was worth the trouble. I think this was the most meticulously designed wedding we’ve seen, and it was definitely one of the most magical places we’ve shot.

The night ended with an incredible fireworks display, a complete surprise to Frost and Shannon. It was a wonderful tribute to the family that will carry the torch for the next generation on this venerable property.

That’s it for Frost and Shannon’s wedding. The following day we shot Sam and Ann’s wedding in Mammoth. I posted from there last week. Josh will have more up soon.

Today we’re shooting Weston and Mallori’s reception at the Hayden Cabin, here in Mammoth. Tomorrow we’re in Reno for Allison and Joe’s Reno wedding. We’ll have lots more on the way this week and next.





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