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Minaretphotography.com is back!

We’ve updated our website again, but we think it’s found a good home now so here it is. Check back often for updates and a look at our new work.  We’ve begun to specialize our photography of weddings a bit and really focus on outdoor weddings in the Tahoe and Mammoth Lakes areas.  However we’ve had a lot of requests for weddings in Napa and the Sonoma areas as well and were traveling for those.  So now were travel wedding photographers as well.  We have found we really love shooting the outdoor weddings so hopefully we can create a niche in that area and continue to grow business in Tahoe, Reno and Mammoth Lakes. Thanks and have a great day.

P.S.-It’s March and wedding season is on the way. Do you have a photographer? Send us an email.

– Minaret wedding photography

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