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More from Aimee and Kiel, Including Crazy Cam!

Last wedding season, Josh threw out the idea of setting up a camera on a tripod to the side of the reception and letting the guests take control of their own “informal” portraits. For whatever reason, the idea never really panned out.

But Aimee and Kiel, who were married last Saturday at Convict Lake, loved the idea so we went with it and the pictures that came from that camera were fantastic! We essentially just set up a camera with a wired trigger and a flash, showed the guests how to do it (it’s incredibly easy), and let them have at it. What resulted from the idea was the aptly named Crazy Cam.  Look below for a few of the (family-friendly) shots from Crazy Cam, as well as some more “formal” portraits, and a fisheye shot from the dance floor.

One more thought-check out the formal shots on the docks. Mammoth Lakes is a beautiful place to tie the knot, and I have no doubt that Convict Lake is one of the most serene and dramatic places in the world to get married.


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