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Photo Booth Gone Wild from Misa and Ian’s Santa Barbara Wedding

The photo booth is a fairly ridiculous undertaking.

At the beginning of the wedding day, nobody really wants the camera shoved in their face. By the time dinner is over and the strawberry basil lemonade runs out, even the most reserved of guests are getting weird for the camera.

This may or may not be a good thing, depending on one’s moral compass and capacity for inappropriate behavior in front of grandma. But we have fun no matter what and as we’ve said before, some of these images end up being among the most memorable.

Misa and Ian’s Santa Barbara wedding photo booth a few weeks ago covered the bases.  There were, as we say, several “prom style” poses that the grandparents could hang on the wall. There were also several photos that wouldn’t make the wall, and may, in fact, cause grandma heart problems down the line. For that reason, we post only the family-friendly images on the blog and leave distribution of the rest up to the couple.

What you will see here is some serious awesomeness. In fact Misa and Ian’s photo booth was probably the craziest it’s been.

There was a couple riding a tandem bike around the dance floor and in front of the camera. It took about five tries but I think we got a keeper. The looks on the faces of those posing as they spin through are hilarious.

There were also some sweet jumps and radical maneuvers being pulled off by the groom and some of his friends in front of the church’s stained-glass window in the background. I said “jump,” and they said asked “how freakin’ high?” I think the best man may have even broken the record for the baddest aerial trick performed at a wedding photo booth. The degree of difficulty wasn’t high (about a 7), but the style and amplitude were flawless. Cowboy boots always score higher as well.

That kind of approach to the photo booth is what makes for photos that Misa and Ian will be remember many years from now.

Next week we’ve got Mammoth’s resident wedding expert/blogger Christie, of Mountainside Bride, writing about how to do mountain (specifically Mammoth) weddings right. Josh will also be back to break down our post-processing techniques for editing wedding photos. After that, we’re back in action with a two-wedding weekend starting in Mammoth on Friday and heading to Reno Saturday.

Have a great weekend.


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