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Promotional portraits at the McCoy Ranch and Bishop high country with Penny…

I did a portrait session yesterday with Penny McCoy at and around her parent’s ranch in Bishop, Calif.

Penny runs a record label, Penny’s Gang Records, and she needed some promotional shots for an advertising and PR campaign they are about to launch.

She wanted to approach the images from several different angles, not only showing off her outdoor lifestyle and down-to-Earth approach, but the Eastern Sierra that she cherishes.

Mountain biking and skiing are two of her passions, and two things she wanted to illustrate with these images. The weather hasn’t yet panned out to capture the skiing portraits, but we were able to get some fantastic shots of Penny and her bike high in the Bishop Basin. The wind was howling, but we trekked out there with a Rhino full of photo gear and a got the shots we were looking for.

From there, we went back down to the ranch and did some shots in the McCoy’s  backyard. We’ve done a lot of portraits out there this Spring, but if it ain’t broke…

Then, we did a few shots by the pool and some head-and-shoulders portraits in our brand new print lab-slash-portrait studio in the house.

Penny was very patient and I think we ended up with a dynamic selection of shots for her promotional material. If the weather ever stabilizes in Mammoth, we’ll do some alpine portraits in the coming week!


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