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Rancho Santana, Nicaragua Wedding Photography with Charlotte and Derek

Rancho-Santana-Nicaragua-Wedding-PhotographyWe’re just back from our second wedding at the amazing Rancho Santana resort in Nicaragua and, once again, it was an event that we’ll never forget.

We worked it out to be three days of shooting around the event. Charlotte and Derek live in New York City, which wasn’t real conducive to doing engagement photos over the last year, so we were able to shoot this one on Thursday before the wedding.

They spend a lot of time surfing down there and had this beach, Playa Escondida, scoped out beforehand and for good reason. It’s about a 3/4 mile stretch of some of the most beautiful white sand on Earth. We were the only ones out there for the last two hours of the day, right through sunset. Nicaragua is awesome like that–especially Rancho Santana.

We shot the rehearsal dinner the next night, and sent it off with the wedding on Saturday and it was an epic event. We’ll have some from that coming up next.


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