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Reno Photo Booth Debauchery from Jeremy and Lizzie’s July Wedding at Wolf Run

The photo booth at Jeremy and Lizzie’s wedding at Wolf Run Golf Club in Reno last week was super fun, so we figured we’d run some posts dedicated to it.

We don’t usually set up the portrait back drop, opting instead to integrate the photo booth into the natural surroundings at the reception. There wasn’t an easily accessible place to do that at this location so we rolled with the backdrop and it worked out great.

We love doing the photo booth because it takes on a life of its own at weddings. After the ceremony, speeches and traditional hoopla is over, the dance floor and the photo booth become the party. As we’ve said before, early in the night most people would rather not have the camera jammed in their face. After a few drinks, it’s hard for many to get away from it. This is more true for some than others (as you’ll see here).

The bride and groom are the real beneficiaries of the photo booth though. We can do our best to capture images of everyone at the wedding, but somebody usually slips through the cracks. With the photo booth, everybody gets a piece of the action. Grandma and Grandpa, the quiet and reserved ones in the back, usually have as much fun as anybody.

That’s all for today. We’ll be back in Mammoth Saturday for Jeff and Lindy’s wedding at the Forest Chapel and Mammoth Mountain. I’ve been stoked for this wedding for a long time. We did engagement pictures at Horseshoe Lake and around Mammoth in the fall and I had a blast with them. I feel like we really connected and I have a feeling their photos are going to be fantastic. This is despite the fact that I’m trying my hardest to figure out Jeff, who is a Los Angeles cop and a former sprinter at UCLA, as well as a huge Harry Potter fan (they spent the day of the new premier waiting in line, costumes and all…). I’m sure it will all make sense Saturday.

The weekend after that, we’ll be in Santa Barbara for Misa and Ian’s wedding which I’ll write about soon. Have a great week and look for another blog post Thursday.



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