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Ryan and Sierra’s Mammoth Lakes Wedding Photography Part 2

Here is the second set from Ryan and Sierra’s Mammoth Lakes wedding on Friday, this time from my perspective.

There were so many things about this wedding that mountain couples should check out. From the bride’s simple, elegant dress to the groomsmens’ casual, classy black long-sleeve shirts and jeans, this was a mountain wedding done right.

There was a bit of rain during the ceremony but nobody minded. The temperature was perfect and Mammoth showers never last more than five minutes at a time.

After the ceremony, toast and some formal shots along Mammoth Creek, we all headed to CJ’s Grill, a new Mammoth bar and restaurant. This was their first wedding and they were sure to do it right the first time. The space was just about perfect for the group, the food was fantastic, and Josh and I had a blast running the photo booth on the deck out front.

We’ll run some of the photo booth shots next week. As usual, they were a hoot and it again turned into the life of the party as I’m sure Ryan and Sierra will attest (when they get back from their Hawaii honeymoon).

The first set from Ryan and Sierra, by Josh, can be found here. 

Speaking of honeymooners, Jonathan and Kelly from Saturday’s Reno wedding are kicking it in the Black Rock Desert this week for their Burning Man honeymoon. They should be back to the real world sometime next week, just in time for some of our photos which we will post again on Tuesday and Thursday.

Until then, have a good weekend and we’ll  be back next week.






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