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Santa Barbara Wedding Photography at the Rincon Beach Club with Mike and Jessica, Pt. 2

Today we’ve got the second post from last weekend’s wedding in Carpenteria, near Santa Barbara, with Mike and Jessicsa.

Part 1, by Josh, is here.

It was a fantastic day that Josh described well in his post last Thursday. We started with the guys at the Presidio Motel on Santa Barbara’s State Street, and with the girls at an awesome house just north of downtown.

From there we met the guys at the wedding site, the Rincon Beach Club, and walked down to the beach for some shots before the ceremony. Mike and his groomsmen were hilarious. I asked them to get into a “Flying V” formation and walk toward me. They immediately started quacking in unison, Mighty Ducks style, as if they had been preparing for that moment all week. I’ll never know how they remembered that moment of classic American cinema, but it was great.

A minute later we spotted a Porta Potty, and they had the brilliant idea to stand outside of it, pretending to wait for Mike to finish up inside. I loved these guys’ sense of humor.

The wind and rain pushed the ceremony to a tent in the Rincon Beach Club’s courtyard, which was actually a perfect alternative to the beach and made for much easier access to the club’s indoor dinner and dancing area.

The party got rowdy later in the night and Josh and I had a blast. The photo booth, which Josh will post from soon, was once again fantastic.

That’s all for today. We’ve got engagement sessions on the way, as well as a birthday party at Mammoth Mountain’s sledding park and a lot more. We also have two weddings on Mammoth (on snow) in one weekend next month which should be a great way to end the winter wedding season. Thanks for checking in.



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