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Santa Monica Wedding Photography with Adam and Adrienne at the Annenberg Community Guest House

Adam and Adrienne’s wedding at the Marion Davies Guest House at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica was an eventful night on all fronts.

To begin, they’ve been involved with shooting a pilot for a reality TV show for Food Network and filming wrapped up with the wedding. The footage will be be shown in the pilot episode for the 2013 series, Wedding Wars, highlighting the process behind the wedding preparation in its entirety.

Adam is a chef at Primitivo Wine Bistro in Venice, and his life revolves around food so I assume the show will spotlight the culinary aspect of the wedding. It airs in January and should be entertaining. We’ll post a link to the show if one comes up.

To add to the craziness of having a full TV crew along at the wedding, it was Carmageddon II in Los Angeles that weekend. Several miles of busy Los Angeles freeway were closed on Saturday and Sunday, but it was ultimately a non-factor.Everybody must have planned for the worst and stayed at home, but it was definitely a psychological hurdle for Josh and I who rarely deal with heavy traffic in Mammoth and Reno.

Carmageddon was a bust, but the universe decided to throw a bit of wrench into the plans that evening as the fire alarms were triggered just as dinner was served. The entire wedding party had to evacuate during dinner. Within 20 minutes, the fire department had things fixed up and the party was back on. Everybody handled the situation well, and hopefully it will make for entertaining TV in January.

We were able to spend time in some cool spots around Santa Monica, like the historic Georgian Hotel with Adam and the guys as they got ready. We also shot a lot of the girls’ prep on Montana Avenue, which is a fantastic spot to shoot photos and people watch.

Luckily, Rebecca spent the day shooting with us and she spent much of her youth in Santa Monica. That was an incredible help.

Not only was Rebecca a great navigator and logistical planner, but she’s a kick-ass photographer. Several of these photos are hers.

The Paul Chesne Band was an awesome touch and the food from¬† Schaffer’s Genuine Foods was awesome, as expected.

Adam and Adrienne’s wedding was our last of the summer. It was a crazy season that had us going every weekend for three months and it was by far the best summer we’ve had. We shot some amazing weddings in incredible parts of California that we’ve never photographed before.¬† We’ve got several more wedding posts on the way. We’re also starting to shoot engagement sessions for next summer’s weddings so watch for those from both Mammoth and Reno/Tahoe.




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