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Senior Photos at Mammoth Creek, Laurel Canyon with Jennifer

Jennifer and I met out near the Mammoth Lakes motocross track two weeks ago for her senior session, and came across some cool spots.

Just off the road but hidden from view was an old stone cabin that looked like it has been there for a long time. The rock and mortar walls made for a cool backdrop.

From the cabin we ventured up Mammoth Creek a ways and came across a rickety bridge that made for a cool spot for some portraits. It was a sketchy bridge but seemed sturdy enough so we went for it. The bridge was still standing and nobody fell in so all is good.

After Mammoth Creek, we went down the valley to the turn off for Laurel and Bloody mountains. The afternoon light was pretty good, but it was getting cold so we called it an evening there.

That’s it for Jennifer. I’ve got a few more seniors coming up. I also gathered them all up last week for a studio session which was a blast. I’ll post some from that session soon.

We also shot a wedding last night on top of Mammoth. The photographer was freezing his a#$ off, but they were Swedish and tough and apparently didn’t mind so look for some from that.

That’s all for now, check back Thursday for more.



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