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South Gatweway Student Housing Portrait Shoot at the Mammoth Hot Tubs and Ice Rink

Last week I met up with several of the students from Mammoth’s South Gateway Student Housing for a promotional photo shoot at the hot tubs, south of town.

Part of their angle, as well it should be, is that you can come to Mammoth not only to enjoy the outdoors, but to work on your education. It’s undeniably a fantastic place to work towards a degree while spending your non-class time skiing, hot tubbing and ice skating (which is outrageously popular at the moment with the cold temps and lack of snow).

The dorms, where these kids live, are in an awesome building on the south end of town with incredible views of Mammoth Mountain and the White Mountains. They are five minutes from Chair 15, two minutes walking from the ice rink, and 15 minutes by car to the hot springs. That’s hard to beat, anywhere.

A few days after we hit the tubs, we met for an early morning ice skating session at the rink. The folks down there were kind enough to open a bit early for us and let us take over for about an hour. The ice was freshly groomed after the previous night’s hockey match and the kids had a blast.

As part of the project, we’re also compiling a variety of head shots of the dorm residents in all types of environments. We’ve got them in swim suits, ski gear, ridiculous hats and a lot more. It’s a great way to show who they are, what they do, and that it’s a great place to study and enjoy the outdoors.

That’s all for today. We shot an awesome, albeit windy, engagement session of snowboarders in love on the mountain Sunday. Those will be up Thursday, so check back then.



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