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The Annular Solar Eclipse


Disclosure: This post has nothing to do with weddings, though I hope you find it interesting, fun and aesthetically pleasing.

There was a fair amount of commotion around the Annular Solar Eclipse in the Reno area.  We were right in line with its’ most prominent path and with 300+ days of sunshine and clear skies on a regular basis, hopes of a sighting were high. Lacking the correct equipment and time to rent/buy it I teamed up with Eliot Drake to make the most of the rare occurrence.

He had a shot in mind, you can read more about that here. So I played assistant and background photographer, a fun and relaxing role. As the sun became obscured by the moon the light turned golden, we had a five-minute window of evening light in what should have been harsh mid-day sun. The total eclipse in North America is August 21st 2017, if anyone wants to schedule a portrait session were taking reservations!

Here are my shots from behind the scenes and a few landscapes as the sun made its’ descent.

– Josh

Nevada Annular eclipse photography, behind the scenes of a photo shoot We had so many lights pointed at Ethel, this shot is at 1/200th of a second ISO 50, f/32 and Ethel is still over-exposed by about 4 stops.

Make sure you read Eliot’s blog to see more about the logistics and lighting of this scene. 


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