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Things are about to get crazy !

In a week Brandon and I will begin a 3 month stretch of shooting weddings every weekend. We’ll be in Reno, Tahoe, Mammoth, Los Angeles, Mendocino, Convict Lake, Feather River and Donner Summit. I’m ecstatic to travel to amazing places and make photos of beautiful people being happy! I love that part of my job, hanging out with happy people on their wedding day is such an honor.

For the next week-and-a-half, nervous anticipation will be prompting me to prepare. Time will soon be a precious commodity.

Oh and the 4th of July is this week, that’s right. I guess I’ll have to take some time for a hike and a BBQ, what a shame.

Although I haven’t shot any portraits in the last week I do have some lovely (my opinion) photos for you today. My amazing girlfriend Maggie is our family green thumb and tends to the flora of our domicile. The flowers have begun to bloom so I went out last night and made some portraits of the flowers, they were kind enough to smile.  I decided to shoot them at night because I can control the light much better and create cool black backgrounds isolating the beauty of the flowers.

Brandon and I both believe being a well rounded photographer is exceptionally important for wedding photography. Throughout the day we utilize a variety of skills we’ve learned from practicing other types of photography. Landscape, action, sports, macro, portrait, it all happens on the big day and we want to be ready to make the best photos in every scenario. So here are a few flower photos I made last night. Happy 4th of July and stay tuned for an avalanche of wedding photographs!

– Josh


can you spot the critter ?

Reno and Tahoe wedding photographer Reno and Tahoe wedding photographer

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