California Mountain Elopement Photographer with Alexandra & Eric | Night & Milky Way Portraits | Mammoth Lakes, California

June 12, 2020

We followed up Alexandra and Eric’s elopement at Convict Lake the day before with a chilly night session near Mammoth Mountain.

I love shooting the stars and Milky Way and Mammoth Lakes is one of the best places to do it due to our isolation and lack of ambient light from surrounding communities.

With the Covid-19 pandemic turning most of 2020’s weddings into elopements, I have a lot more time this summer to shoot these and this was the first one of the year.

We spent an hour up around 10,000 feet on a chilly May night and made several compositions with the Milky Way core poking out just above Mammoth Mountain. Milky Way season begins around May in the northern hemisphere and it was just starting to come into place when we shot these.

If we’re shooting an elopement this summer and you’d like to add a session like this in for the weekend, reach out right here and maybe we can make the timing work. Have a look on google for the moon phase first, because the new moon makes the night sky significantly more visible.

To learn more about these sessions and shooting night sky portraits in general, have a look at an article I’ve written right here.

Enjoy the gallery below and stay safe!


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