Double Eagle Resort Fall Wedding Photography | Lindsey & Matt | June Lake, California

December 9, 2020

Lindsey & Matt’s mini wedding at Double Eagle Resort in October was about as close to a real wedding as we were able to photograph since the pandemic began.

It wasn’t, by any means, the scene the dreamed of. They were limited to a small group and smoke from the nearby Creek Fire was seeping into the valley. But, given the circumstances, it was one of the year’s great Eastern Sierra wedding celebrations.

We capped off their ceremony at Double Eagle’s Ron’s Pond with a lovely drive around the June Lake Loop to explore the fall aspens that were pretty close to peak fall at that point. Wind blew most of the smoke out as the sun went down and everything was great beyond my personal battle with some rusty barbed wire for which I was able to get a tetanus shot the following day.

After breaking for a small reception at one of the resort’s cabins, we capped off the night with some night/star shots in a few of my favorite Double Eagle photo nooks.

Lindsey and Matt came up with the perfect solution for a small and safe celebration that looked about as close to Plan A as you’re going to find here in 2020 and we’re grateful for the opportunity to end the strange wedding season with such a great crew of people.

That’s it for now, we’ll have a best of 2020 coming up soon. Check back later or keep an eye on @MinaretPhoto on Instagram for more.

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