Mammoth Lakes Wedding Venue Guide: The Mill | Mammoth Mountain

May 21, 2020

Most of Mammoth’s wedding reception venues are big. If you’ve got more than 100 people, you’ve got options. But small weddings in big spaces don’t always feel right. 

That’s why The Mill at Mammoth Mountain is a killer spot for smaller weddings. 

Located at the bottom of Chair 2 (Stump Alley), this is a really cool dual-purpose venue that doubles as a slopeside bar & cafeteria in the winter. 

The Mill is perfect for 50-70 people. The rustic interior has Old West saloon vibes and is a cozy spot to pack in the party for dinner, speeches and other formalities. There’s an awesome bar, easy-access bathrooms, and all the other amenities you might expect from a busy ski resort food & beverage hotspot. 

When the weather is right, the outdoor patio is the real gem of this space. Some of my all-time favorite reception parties have gone down on beautiful summer evenings on that deck. 

There’s a spacious dance floor, fire pits, and beautiful views of Mammoth Mountain’s main intersection between Main Lodge and Canyon Lodge. 

Here are some of my favorite things about receptions at The Mill:

  • There aren’t many places to shoot sunset at The Mill but it’s close to one of my favorite epic portrait spots: Minaret Vista. In fact it’s really the only wedding venue in Mammoth with easy-access to this spot. If we carve out 45 minutes around sunset, we can drive up to the summit and catch last light setting over the incredible Ritter Range and the Ansel Adams Wilderness. It’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to enjoy a high altitude sunset, but we’ve got spots there that can get us away from people with unobstructed views of the distant arête. 
  • The Mill is in a totally solitary spot and whatever shenanigans happen there stay there. There aren’t any camp sites or houses for several miles so the rowdiest of parties are good to go. Personally, I miss the paintings from as their paintings can make the place more beautiful.
  • Early season weddings after big winters here are awesome because there can still be a lot of snow all around the site. In fact, most weddings in May & June there are likely to still see some snow. In June of 2019, the mountain was still open for skiing and the wedding team arranged to have Chair 2 running for all the guests to take a lap up and back on the lift. It was a cool touch that I’ve never seen before at any other venues. 
  • A make-your-own S’mores bar right next to the dance floor!??!
  • What better way to wind down a long day of wedding partying than by a campfire with your closest, drunkest people? I’m speaking from experience here—this is how most Mill weddings end and I love it. 
  • There are great spaces close by to shoot night/astro/milky way photos at the end of the night. 

Some things to think about when planning your reception at The Mill:

  • The weather here is the wild card. It’s high, almost 9,000 feet. If it’s a chilly evening, it’s likely most of the party will stay indoors. It can get windy too. There are good barricades from the wind around the fire pits but the open space around the patio can get gnarly. It’s hit or miss but it’s a great space regardless of the weather. Always bring a jacket because nights at that elevation are cold even in the middle of the summer. 
  • You’re about three miles from The Village/town. It’s a dark, winding road back that sees a lot of nocturnal wildlife. Hiring transportation through Mammoth Mountain or Mammoth All Weather Shuttle is a great idea here. 
  • You’re going to be walking though dirt or snow from the parking lot to The Mill. Be ready!

That’s it for The Mill. It’s the perfect Mammoth Mountain reception site for smaller groups and has hosted some legendary outdoor dance parties.

Keep scrolling for a gallery from receptions at the Mill.

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Check out The Mill and other Mammoth Mountain venues on their site here.



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