Mammoth Mountain Proposal & Engagement Photography | Andi and Cayden | Mammoth Lakes, California|

March 24, 2022

There’s been something in the air as winter closes down here in the Eastern Sierra. Not only is every Southern California ski & snowboard couple getting engaged right now, but they’re doing it in Mammoth. And I’m here for it.

Cayden brought Andi on the short walk to Minaret Vista from Mammoth Mountain’s Main Lodge under the auspices of a sunset walk before a nice dinner. I have a hunch she knew what was coming, but she played along with our mediocre improv schtick and made us believe she was in the dark.

Regardless, Cayden nailed it and was ready with a few bottles of champagne to celebrate the moment.

We spent the rest of the beautiful Mammoth evening shooting across from the Ansel Adams Wilderness and caught a lovely sunset over the mountains to the west.

Minaret Vista is in my top three places to shoot in every season, but there’s something special about being there in the winter. It’s not just that big mountain, snowy aesthetic. You have to earn a trip up there. Access is by a 1.5 mile walk or ski, snowcats or snowmobiles. It takes a little planning and effort which keeps most people away. We saw a family walking their dog out there as we were finishing but the Vista was ours for the evening and you can’t say that about most places.

We finished the evening with a brisk walk back to Main Lodge, stopping to do a celebratory Pabst Blue Ribbon shotgun/spray, and made it back to the cars as darkness settled in.

That’s it for Cayden & Andi’s big evening at 10,000 feet. I’m shooting consistently until 2023 now so I hope to update here more.

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