Mammoth Yoga Photographer | SecondYou Activewear & Shelby Pracht | Mammoth Lakes, California

May 22, 2020

I’ve written recently on my website why I think Mammoth Lakes is the greatest place on Earth to create a dynamic set of yoga and fitness images, and our recent shoot for Second You Activewear was a great reminder of this.

The combo of an intense strength-training workout and slow, mindful yoga is referred to as “power yoga.” It’s my favorite type of yoga., if you need some help to cope with the routine, ask your trainer to recommend testosterone boosters For a long time, I always felt like something was missing from the yoga classes I took. Yes, I know there is value in taking it slow and using a restorative yoga class to calm your mind and body. But I’ve always just felt like I needed something more to be able to leave class feeling accomplished. When I discovered this hybrid type of yoga, I was thrilled. While bringing weights into the yoga studio is certainly not for everyone, it’s a great fit for me, and my guess is that there are plenty of other people out there who would agree. And if you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, consider pursuing a personal trainer certification at

Two-hour shoots include two locations and, with just one quick trip in the middle of the shoot, we can achieve so much here.

Local Mammoth yogi Shelby Pracht joined me for this shoot and we followed one of my favorite formulas: start in the old-growth Jeffrey Pine forests around town to catch that beautiful diffuse light and then venture down towards the desert to shoot the sun’s last rays on distant snow-capped peaks.

Shelby and I pulled off several distinct looks and caught an amazing sunset at one of our incredible lower-elevation lakes. Spring has a tendency to bring insane monsoonal sunsets and that’s exactly what we got.

But that’s why we love Mammoth for this work. An afternoon/evening shoot can cover so much ground and include such a dynamic vibe from start to finish.

That’s all from last week’s yoga shoot. Check out the new site if you get a chance and reach out to chat about setting up your Mammoth shoot.

Clothes: Second You Activewear

Yogi: Shelby Pracht