Su & Allen Wedding Photography | Hellman – Erhman Mansion | Lake Tahoe, California

August 18, 2019

Su and Allen came down to Lake Tahoe from Portland for this early-summer wedding and caught the tail end of the never-ending-and-ginormous Sierra winter of 2018-2019. It was June but may as well have been a dry February day with super cold temps and big wind.

Lake Tahoe couples are tough though, and the day went off just as we all hoped it would–just with jackets and extra alcohol rather than the summer vibes you can typically count on in June.

We started at the incredible Cedar Crest Cottages near Homewood on the west side of the lake before making the short trip south to the Hellman-Erhman Mansion at Sugar Pine Point.

Erhman Mansion is a spectacular and classic Lake Tahoe relic, and a great example of what makes weddings there so cool. Melissa at Beau & Arrow Events molded the estate into a truly magical lake side space and ran the ceremony flawlessly despite the occasionally gnarly wind gust.

After some family portraits at various points around the property, we jumped straight into speeches, dinner and the party. The weather threatened to close things down early but these guys forged on in the elements and finished the evening in fine form.

That’s it for the year’s first from Lake Tahoe, we’ll be back soon. Thanks Su & Allen, as well as photographer Brent Cicogna for joining me on this journey (the day after a big wedding at Convict Lake in Mammoth) and check below for a list of the amazing vendors.