Winter Engagement Session | Laura & Chase | Bishop, California |

March 28, 2022

Laura and Chase came to Mammoth in January for their engagement session not long after the monster December storm that proved to be the only significant winter snow of the year.

I thought for sure the Buttermilk Boulders by Bishop would be devoid of snow and getting around would be easy–at least easier than getting around in Mammoth. It wasn’t.

There was probably more snow there than I’d ever seen, but luckily these two were down to get aggressive to walk to some of my favorite spots in this zone. As is usually the case, it was totally worth it. We caught the Bishop Basin at its best, with Mt. Tom and the local mountains there with a fresh coat of snow, and just a few handfuls of climbers around.

Days like this are a good indicator that whatever weather their June wedding at Mammoth Mountain brings (it’ll probably be 77 and sunny but you never know…), they’ll be ready for it.

That’s all for this adventure in the mountains west of Bishop. More coming soon.

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